Personal Responsibility

Is it immoral to disobey the Governor’s emergency edicts?

The Government does not decide what is moral behavior. We are free individuals.

However, with personal liberty comes personal responsibility. We have to make our own moral decisions based on our situations and our information. We certainly should not take actions we consider immoral just to protest the Governor’s seizure of power and threat of force.

Instead of edicts, the Governor should have issued guidelines and published them in detail with their justifications. The police should be advising people, not arresting them. Our Governor and Mayors are not very smart, but they are politically savvy.

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  1. I am making a donation. To move the campaign, you’ve got to post something at least weekly, get on Twitter, and on Facebook. The “Path to Success” flyer included in the expensive mailing does not have a logo, or graphic, or phone number and email address on BOTH sides. This is MARKETING. There are blog ideas at “Why Liberty”. OR take a current issue in NM and explain the libertarian response, then contrast it with the Democratic and Republican party point of views. There may be reporters sympathetic but they need something to work with: be controversial. The biggest charge against libertarianism is “lack of compassion, lack of humanity”. Charter schools, occupational licensing, … how is the libertarian postion more humane? And more effective in results.

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