In Opposition to Law and Order

Our Declaration of Independence opposes unnecessary law enforcement, opposes the very concept of law and order.

Excessive enforcement results from too many laws. Every law authorizes enforcement. If resisted, force is increased; complete resistance is met with lethal force.

We institute government to protect our rights, with no other justification for the use of force. Should it fail to protect everyone’s rights, or violate even one person’s rights, we have the duty to alter or abolish it.

Everyone has the right to pursue happiness. That is liberty. It is not orderly.

Some prefer tyranny to the chaos of liberty. Some advocate for majority rule, tyranny of the majority. Big political parties seek the tyranny of one-party government.

People do not change governments for light reasons, but a law-and-order establishment is testing our tolerance. There may be revolution and a new government, which might be better, but might be worse.

The Libertarian Party offers the alternative: altering government, not abolishing it. Libertarians defend each person’s right to activities that are peaceful and honest. We welcome the diversity that freedom brings.

We stand with our Declaration in opposing “law and order” and unnecessary law enforcement.

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