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On Anonymity

On anonymity: Everyone in any public place should be identifiable. That includes law enforcement personnel. Uncovered faces are sufficient, because all activities in public spaces may be recorded by anyone. We believe in an absolute right to privacy,… Read More

Abortion Bans Violate the Right to Privacy

On abortion: We all have equal birthrights. Your birthright includes a right to privacy, not because of where you were born, but because you are human and all humans have that birthright. Your right of privacy covers your… Read More

Money in Politics

On keeping money out of politics: I tend to take our Declaration of Independence as the culmination of 18th Century Enlightenment thought about politics. It is short and worth a careful reading. Our Declaration claims certain truths are… Read More

People are not Corporations

People are not corporations. Corporations have no right to privacy. Even in a state of anarchy, an association may publicly and voluntarily declare a limit on its financial liability. Should society honor that limit? Anyone voluntarily engaging in… Read More