Restrain Tyranny

Save American checks and balances.

Reserve powers to the states and to the people.

Vote Libertarian.

Vote Walsh for Senate!



Tyranny is power without restraint.

Constitutional Restraints

To avoid tyranny, our Constitution provides checks and balances by distributing power. Powers are distributed among the United States, the states, and the people. Federal power is further distributed among three branches.

Big Parties and the Supremes

Our system of checks and balances is threatened by big political parties and by the Supreme Court. A big party tries to gain control of all three branches to avoid restraint . Members of Congress vote the interests of their parties, not those of their constituents.

The Supreme Court consistently grants more power to the Federal government. Recently, the Court ruled that a crop grown in your home, stored in your home, and consumed in your home “might affect” interstate commerce.

Americans Resist Tyranny

We thwart efforts to amass power. In off-year elections, we vote against the president’s party.

Personal Liberty and Personal Responsibility

We still have the greatest personal liberty, mostly free markets, and increasing wealth.

With great personal liberty comes great personal responsibility. For independence from tyranny, Americans pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

Because Libertarians favor limited government, there is little personal reward in candidacy or public office. We run because it is our personal responsibility to give you a choice.