Covid-19 is Not an Emergency

This scourge is a long-term problem, not an emergency. We are still trying to eradicate the common cold and influenza viruses.
Home deliveries and empty theater seats will persist. To regain consumers, entrepreneurs must be free to innovate, unrestricted by broad edicts. Governors are not omniscient.
Personal liberty brings personal responsibility. Stay home if coughing. Without masks, keep a 12-foot separation.
When adults stay close together while unmasked, there is no victim and therefore no crime. But they must ensure they do not infect others.
Being unmasked in a crowded place claims too much personal space, which is rude. It justifies ostracism, not violence.
We oppose edicts because they authorize arrest, risking selective enforcement and potentially lethal force.
“Consent of the governed” requires consensus. Governors must end the declared emergencies.