Five Self-evident Truths

I am an enthusiastic libertarian. I rave about individual rights and government limits. Five truths are self-evident. One: we are all created equal. Being born in Brooklyn gives me no more rights than a woman born in Aleppo…. Read More

Phony Immigration Courts

Perhaps the worst feature of our current immigration system is the use of phony courts, in which the judges are employees of ICE. Their jobs depend on adherence to administration policy rather than adherence to the law. One… Read More

On Anonymity

On anonymity: Everyone in any public place should be identifiable. That includes law enforcement personnel. Uncovered faces are sufficient, because all activities in public spaces may be recorded by anyone. We believe in an absolute right to privacy,… Read More

On Background Checks

In a totalitarian state, the government controls the people. In a democracy, the people control the government.

9/11: the People protected the Government.

Today we remember 19 years ago. On that day, our extensive intelligence operations and our expensive military systems failed to protect the people. They had only two fighter planes on standby. They sent those fighters against an imagined… Read More

Reclaiming The American Birthright

The foundations of American democracy are the principles proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence. Everyone has the same birthright. You have rights because everyone has them, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. The only just function of… Read More

Bob’s Top Priorities

My priorities when sworn into the Senate: 1) Repeal all Federal immigration restrictions, all of which exceed the powers granted to Congress in the Constitution. They are immoral and inhumane infringements on human rights. Because these laws are… Read More

The Future of Social Security

We cannot guarantee Social Security benefits for future generations. The Social Security Trust Fund contains only 20% of the amount required to be solvent. It was never planned to have a sound actuarial basis. Most contributions have been… Read More

Free Market Healthcare

We should eliminate Federal meddling with healthcare, including termination of Medicare, Medicaid, the FDA and the CDC. Libertarians favor a free market health care system. We recognize the freedom of individuals to determine the level of health insurance… Read More

Charity is a Personal Responsibility

As a libertarian, I am very conservative on economic matters and very liberal on social matters. The only just function of government is to secure the rights of the people, which do not include any right to another… Read More