Phony Immigration Courts

Perhaps the worst feature of our current immigration system is the use of phony courts, in which the judges are employees of ICE. Their jobs depend on adherence to administration policy rather than adherence to the law. One of my first acts as Senator will be to introduce a bill requiring that immigration judges be part of the judicial branch of government, not employees of the administration.

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On Anonymity

On anonymity: Everyone in any public place should be identifiable. That includes law enforcement personnel. Uncovered faces are sufficient, because all activities in public spaces may be recorded by anyone. We believe in an absolute right to privacy, within which any activity or transaction among consenting adults in a private space may be kept private. However, there is no right to privacy in public spaces.

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On Background Checks

On “background checks: ” In a totalitarian state, the government controls the people. In a democracy, the people control the government. Although we like to believe that the people in our democracy control the government through elections, that is only because the people are a greater military force than anything available to the government. We avoid any test of the military balance, any violent confrontation between the people and the government, by assuring that the people maintain an overwhelming military superiority. Therefore the public should possess any weapons available to the government, and the government may not disarm persons on any grounds, eliminating the need for background checks.

9/11: the People protected the Government.

Today we remember 19 years ago. On that day, our extensive intelligence operations and our expensive military systems failed to protect the people. They had only two fighter planes on standby. They sent those fighters against an imagined attack from over the Atlantic. Meanwhile, the people, the unarmed passengers on the fourth plane, used handheld devices to learn the nature of the attack. They brought down the missile headed for the White House.

Reclaiming The American Birthright

The foundations of American democracy are the principles proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence.

Everyone has the same birthright. You have rights because everyone has them, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. The only just function of governments is to secure everyone’s rights. If a government fails to secure our rights, if it tramples on anyone’s right, it is our right, it is our DUTY, to alter or abolish it.

Abolish the police? Abolish the Constitution? The Libertarian Party offers the alternative, a peaceful transition to greater individual liberty, to let you live your own life in your own way. Do your duty. Vote Libertarian.

Bob’s Top Priorities

My priorities when sworn into the Senate:

1) Repeal all Federal immigration restrictions, all of which exceed the powers granted to Congress in the Constitution. They are immoral and inhumane infringements on human rights. Because these laws are unconstitutional, no current resident is illegal. States may impose appropriate quarantines or similar controls.
2) Stop requiring preparation of individual income tax returns, which amounts to involuntary servitude, invades privacy, and compels individuals to testify against themselves. Instead, have the IRS prepare a return for each individual, which the individual may modify or not.
3) Repeal all tariffs, which are known causes of depressions.

The Future of Social Security

We cannot guarantee Social Security benefits for future generations. The Social Security Trust Fund contains only 20% of the amount required to be solvent. It was never planned to have a sound actuarial basis. Most contributions have been spent on retiree benefits instead of investment in the trust fund for current workers. The system envisions workers supporting retirees forever. It is not possible to guarantee that future generations will continue this system. We favor a transition to a voluntary system as soon as possible, recognizing that the victims of this scheme may need the help of, once again, voluntary associations of people with a sense of responsibility to their local communities.

Free Market Healthcare

We should eliminate Federal meddling with healthcare, including termination of Medicare, Medicaid, the FDA and the CDC. Libertarians favor a free market health care system. We recognize the freedom of individuals to determine the level of health insurance they want (if any), the level of health care they want, the care providers they want, the medicines and treatments they will use and all other aspects of their medical care, including end-of-life decisions. People should be free to purchase health insurance across state lines. Should backup be needed, that may be provided by voluntary associations of people with a sense of responsibility to their local communities.

Charity is a Personal Responsibility

As a libertarian, I am very conservative on economic matters and very liberal on social matters. The only just function of government is to secure the rights of the people, which do not include any right to another person’s labor. Social goals with such names as social justice, greater equality, and economic security are appropriate goals for voluntary associations of people with a sense of responsibility to their local communities.

Security Without Loss of Liberty

On the threat of terrorism:

One threat of terrorism is that the government may use the threat to justify trampling on our individual rights. As to the threats of violence, whether foreign or domestic, the events of 9/11 reminded us that the people are the ultimate defense of our lives and liberty. The professional military muddled in an intelligence vacuum and sent the only two available fighters out over the Atlantic to protect against an imagined attack. Meanwhile, the unarmed passengers on the fourth plane used their hand-held devices to gather information from personal and public sources and pooled their resources to bring down the plane. The obvious conclusions are to bring the military home to guard our country, to make intelligence summaries available to the public, to keep our citizens well-armed, and to stop infringing on individual rights in the name of security.